Funeral Parlour Business Opportunity

Start your own Funeral Parlour and service your community by providing much needed funeral services and funeral products. While other businesses in South Africa lose customers due to the HIV AIDS pandemic, higher crime rates, tuberculosis and various other illnesses and viruses, business in the Funeral industry is booming.

More people are dying than ever before! Every person is a possible client as many people are born and die everyday. This is the type of business that if handled with compassion and proper ethical standards will cause the owner of the funeral parlour to prosper whilst providing compassionate and decent burials to the community at an affordable price.

When one starts a new business, you need appropriate business knowledge, specific “trade secrets” and marketing knowledge as well training. Our business opportunities are tailored to suit your pocket and circumstances.Body removal stretcher

We offer FUNERAL TRAINING for people who require hands-on training or FUNERAL TRAINING HOME STUDY PACKAGES for those who cannot attend the Workshop.

With the Business Workshop Package you will be taught by a lecturer for 2 Days. If you live far away you have to budget for travelling and hotel cost as well. The Workshop is ideal for those persons who have never had a business of their own and need more personal attention, especially with marketing.


With the Business Home Study Course, train yourself at your own convenience, at your own pace, at home. You receive the same 3 manuals as the people attending the Funeral Parlour Training Workshop. 

This allows you to learn at your own pace. You also do not have the extra cost of hotel and travelling to pay. It is ideal for people who have some business experience, are streetwise or have some selling experience.

Church trolleyIf you make use of a bus, train or aeroplane service to attend the course, we can organise transport to and from the Taxi, airport/bus terminus and hotel every day at a cost of R250.00 for the 2 days. Hotel information is available on request. Very safe area and parking.

The Workshop Runs for 2 Consecutive Days.

● The manuals are available in English.

● The workshop will be taught in both English and Afrikaans.

We are open for business on school and public holidays.
Office Hours: 09H00 – 16H00.


Click Here to Apply for the Funeral Parlour Training Course in Port Elizabeth, EC.

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