Why pest control in any funeral establishment is important

Pest Control minimise germs, disease, bacteria and fecal matter on work surfaces  such as trolleys, funeral instruments, even the kitchen of the funeral parlour.  Pests affect the profits of the business as spraying chemicals to control and manage insects, especially rats, is expensive because they enter the funeral parlour through holes and can destroy the building, especially if you have trouble with termites in the skirtings of the building.

However, the best reason to control pests is that pests can transmit disease and disease causing organisms and can cause viruses such assalmonellosis, gastroenteritis and hepatitis A.

Rats and other rodents carry fleas and ticks that carry diseases and can cause a fire in your funeral parlour because they chew on electrical wires and cause fire.  Rats are known to chew on bodies, should they gain entry to the mortuary fridge.

Allergic reactions to cockroaches contribute to people having asthma. It is therefore very important to eradicate cockroaches in funeral homes; This is also true of any place in the funeral parlour kitchen.

Innovations in pest management parallel an increase in life expectancy. A child born in 1900 had a life expectancy of just 49 years while a child born in 2010 had a life expectancy of 78 years.

It would be difficult to find any segment of the funeral industry that does not have to comply with health regulations.

Pest control is done to control the pests. For an amount of only R500 we can provide you with a cockroach pest control formulation and manual that will allow you to manufacture cockroach killer. It is easy to manufacture and cost very little to manufacture.

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