When not to remove a body

The police can instruct you not to remove the body if anyone suspects foul play. You can be prosecuted if you do not adhere to this as it is law. So, what can be described as foul play? Foul play is when any person suspects that the person did not die of natural causes.

Here are 5 examples, but this list is not exhaustive: See the funeral training manual for a lot more examples of when you are not allowed to remove the body to your mortuary.

1. The body displays physical evidence of injury. Never move the body as evidence can be disturbed.

2. The deceased was shocked by electricity.

3. The deceased was in a fight.

4. The deceased died in a fire or set himself alight.

5. A Woman tried to abort a baby and she died.

You will also find the information on what the process is and what you have to do when the police removes the body to the state mortuary so that you can inform the next of kin.

The manual and flow charts will also show you what to do if the family changes their mind when you are already busy with arranging the funeral.