Showing compassion

A personal way of showing their compassion of everybody by being there for one another and to show their links in society bind people to one another.

Respecting and mourning the dead

Crying for the dead whilst beating on their own chests was a typical custom in Biblical times and also in Middle Eastern Funerals.


Preparing the body

Before removing the body to the funeral site the body was prepared for the funeral. According to the Bible there were different rituals.

  • Genesis 46:4 says that immediately after the person died, it was the duty of the eldest son of the person to close the eyes of the deceased.
  • Acts 9:37 says the body was washed and cleaned.
  • John 19:39-40 says the body was anointed with all kinds of fragrant oils such as myrrh and aloes (a mixture of about 35 kilogram), before the body were wrapped in white linen sheets.
  • John 11:44 says the hands and feet were bound with linen strips and the face wrapped in a cloth according to the customs of the Jews.
  • Mark 16:1 says that if they preferred, the body could be anointed further after the funeral.